Truth You never know, what's lurking around the corner, but curiocity is stronger than fear. At first, everything what's different surprises, sometimes even shocks. Understanding comes after a while. World is great, world is cruel, world is unpredictable. Getting to know the world is a continous search for an answer to the question - how is it for real? And how is it for real, everyone should find out by himself. Moment It's not about photography that creates moments, but the moments that create photography. Uniqueness and authenticity give photography the deepest meaning and let it gain the strongest power. Prearranged photos, even best of all, beautiful and specious, never tell the whole truth. All magic lies not in creating, but capturing that moment in time that occurs only once. Man People are interested in people. World is full of wonderful places, photographed in all possible ways, but the man, or in some cases lack of him, gives these places an unique character. Man, the way how he looks, how he acts, how he emotes, stirs up great interest and still remains one of the most tempting challenges in photography. If one could tell a human story in words, then photography would be useless. Piotr Sobkowski,
Live Photography